The Buddha’s teachings are a personal invitation:
Come and try it for yourself’.                                                                                           

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We invite you to come and find out about Buddhism and Meditation in Eastbourne.

Start off with a drop-in class or a Meditation and Buddhism course

Modern life
often leaves us tired and stressed.

Our classes offer a way of finding inner calm.

Wednesdays 7.00pm - 9.00pm


Location: The Deerfold Centre

233 Seaside, Eastbourne BN22 7NR

Donations welcome.


Please use the door at the back of the building.

Please note:

Sangha night will not take place 
within the present coronavirus situation.
Until there is greater clarity about how
best to minimize the risks there might be to folks health, by meeting together in groups.
We wish to do no harm.
Please do look out for further information
as the situation become clearer.

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        The Venerable Urgyen                          Sangharakshita.

    August 26, 1925 - October 30, 2018

  The founder of the Triratna Buddhist Order    and Community.

Life can be quite isolating.

We're creating a vibrant and welcoming community of like-minded people.

The Triratna Buddhist Community in Eastbourne is a spiritual community.


A local community of Buddhists and meditators in Eastbourne and people learning to practice meditation and Buddhism, which you can become involved in. Find out how

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We are connected with a worldwide community of Buddhists called the Triratna Buddhist Community, created by the Triratna Buddhist Order, inspired by Sangharakshita's teachings of Buddhism, read more about Buddhism

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