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What is a Mitra?


‘Mitra’ is a Sanskrit word meaning friend, and in the Triratna Buddhist Community, it is also someone who feels primarily that they are a Buddhist, who feels committed to their spiritual growth, and to exploring it with the context of this Community.

This exploration would include the intention to practice the five ethical training principles of Buddhism as one of the means of developing spiritually, which means actively practicing loving kindness, generosity, stillness simplicity and contentment, truthfulness and mindfulness.


Becoming a Mitra within the Triratna Buddhist Community


Becoming a Mitra is a significant step to take, the outward expression of which is marked by a ceremony, supported by the community of fellow Buddhists, but in which family and friends can also witness this important expression.


If this interests you and you would like to become a Mitra, the first step would be to contact Satyamati or Shuddhadhara, who will arrange to meet and discuss with you how to take things forward.

 Women's Mitra Convenor
Satyamati is the Mitra Convenor for women in the local area.

Mitra convenor 1.jpg


Men's Mitra Convenor
Shuddhadhara is the Mitra Convenor for men in the local area.



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