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Buddhist meditation is primarily about waking up! 

The word Buddha means awakened.


There are two major strands to meditation: creating a calm and clear mind, and cultivating insight. When we first take up meditation, we will be enjoying (perhaps needing) the calm and relaxation it naturally brings. As we go on we find more benefits in terms of more happiness, kindness and general positivity. In this process our personality is becoming more integrated and positive. And its on this basis that we can look towards experiencing aspects of insight.


We teach three principle meditation techniques: the mindfulness of breathing, the metta bhavana – i.e. the development of universal loving kindness and the just sitting practice. Each of these have both calming and insight elements to them.


Most people start off needing a way of coping with stress. And then, many are also interested in personal development. Both of these are fine and good starting points. But the most significant part of Buddhist meditation is that it leads to complete freedom of all negative emotions, all conditioning; in a word to enlightenment.


The best way to start with meditation is to come to one of our meditation courses.

You can listen to audio recordings of meditations on



The Mindfulness of Breathing


The Metta Bhavana (the development of loving kindness)

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