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The Buddha


About Buddhism

Buddhism is a non-theistic religion whose origins go back more than 500 years BCE.
It is a universal religion, so although it's associated with a number of countries:Tibet, Thailand, Japan etc, it is actually relevant to anyone, no matter what their culture.


The Eastbourne Buddhist Group is associated with the Triratna Buddhist Community,
a worldwide community of practicing Buddhists with over 80 Buddhist Centres and groups, retreat centres and millions of people practicing the Buddha's teachings together.


Founder of Triratna Buddhist Order and Community

The Triratna Buddhist Community was founded by an Englishman, Venerable Sangharakshita in London in 1967. He practiced Buddhism for 20 years in India, and our particular approach to Buddhism is a synthesis of many eastern forms and has been made especially relevant and significant for the modern world.


As a subject, Buddhism is vast. Even the very earlist scriptures (the Pali Canon) are 17 times the size of the bible. Nowadays there are thousands of books and other sources on Buddhism available which can be quite bewildering.


We recommend starting off by attending a beginners Buddhism and meditation course in Eastbourne or by reading a straightforward introductory book about Buddhism, 


The Buddha described his teaching as a raft - a means to help us to the goal of human enlightenment, which is possible for everyone.




Find out more about Buddhism and the Triratna Buddhist Community 


You can listen to Free Introductory talks on Buddhism
on a resource ran by the Triratna Buddhist Order.


Here is a link to the Triratna Group, and Introducing the Adhisthana Kula and a statement released by the Kula of Public Preceptors.


This information gives very clear guidelines for the Order and the Movement.


The link is

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